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  1. The term is brain drain and its not good for a country at all. And you’re right about having to relearn, it was well known and discussed in the 60s and 70s and seems to have been forgotten by the current ruling class.

  2. The UK’s foremost tax expert says that people don’t move for tax reasons. And because of this, people who move for tax reasons should be taxed by their passport.

  3. Ah, the Progressive Right. Hate paying taxes, love the big State so long as somebody else pays for it.

    Nelson for instance being in bed with Iain Duncan Dole-Claimant, and their luvverly charidee, on behalf of whom Nelson writes advocating locking up immigrants in secure units until after sufficient counselling they admit to being trafficking victims which said charidee can then spend its “funding” on saving.

    Establishment twunt with middle class blow-job hair. Avoid.

  4. You say that there is an especially high (recent?) level of French immigration to London, a “fact” which you “explain” by reference to differing tax rates.

    Your evidence?

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