4 comments on “Brains! Must Have Brainz!

  1. Judging by their own photos we’re going to need a group of environmental activists to clear up after them.

  2. Interesting that their camp looks like some sort of hellhole shanty town on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

    Because that’s exactly how the eco-nutters would force us all to live.

  3. Looking at the pics with the Quechua throw down tents, uPVC garden furniture, numerous plastic bottles & water carriers, even what appears to be a repurposed oil drum, it’s reassuring to see the protesters almost total reliance on the products of the fossil hydrocarbon industry.
    There’s nothing like total commitment to the cause, is there?

  4. They appear to be related to the Occupidiots of St Paul’s, who managed to occupy at least 2 affordable housing projects.

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