Well, liking Sinitta’s music is an indication

Or am I just indulging in stereotypes again?

The PA for former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has claimed he knows Simon Cowell is gay because he knows people who had slept with him, a court heard.

4 comments on “Well, liking Sinitta’s music is an indication

  1. Surely, as anybody who walks past the magazine racks in any paper shop or supermarket knows, he’s going to be bisexual? If this rumour is true, of course.

    Just pendantry, rather than a value judgement on somebody else’s lifestyle.

  2. “Well, liking Sinitta’s music is an indication”

    Surely that’s spelt ‘Sinatra’?

    Is Bill Haley still making records?

  3. AFAIK, in addition to ‘discovering’ Sinitta, he also was allegedly boinking her for a while (and she was seriously fit back then). I know that’s not dispositive, but the ‘X is gay’ rumour is a very hardy weed, in the ‘no smoke without fire’ taxon.

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