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  1. My goodness, the LVT mob will be all over this, looking for errors, MW was extremely scathing with a builder last week who had the temerity to suggest regulations pushed up his costs.

  2. Are NIMBYs the same as planning regulations? We can’t have Kowloon’s population density in Chelsea because the existing residents won’t stand have it.

  3. It always seems to me, when looking at house prices, too much attention is given to the wrong supply/demand aspect. The thing pushes house prices up more than anything is credit creation. If there isn’t the money available to pay a price then that will not be the market price.
    And I’d want a lot of convincing, the end beneficiary of house price rises isn’t the credit creation industry. It’s certainly rarely the householder because to benefit from increased values requires the owner to cash out. Something that’s rarely possible. And it’s not the physical builders of houses, where there’s an entirely separate market operating to limit prices.

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