7 comments on “Have they changed the electoral system for Scotland?

  1. Why do I get a flashback to AC/DC’s song “For Those About to Rock” “Stand up and be counted for what you’re about to receive”… Yes, I know they took this off from the old gladiator saying from the Roman arena. I don’t think this is what Gordon Brown have in mind.

  2. Some of the housing scheme residents are unable to write an X and have been given special dispensation to stick their chewing gum in the top or bottom box to indicate preference.

    They are likely to vote Yes, assuming they remember that Yes is the top box.

  3. Anything that moron says I will do the exact opposite.

    Unfortunately, and despite our host’s views, it is the first time in the monocular moron’s life that he has been right. For entirely the wrong reasons, of course. But this is Gordon Brown.

  4. Gordon Brown calls on No voters to ‘stand up and be counted’

    Gordon Brown actually meant that he didn’t want any voters to stand up and be counted.

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