Yes, but Julie, you think everything is

This, I would argue, is a product of plain old sexism and misogyny.

Ms Bindel’s complaint is:

A number of lesbians I know who are on the butch side have been asked when they are transitioning. Being openly and proudly butch has now, as DeLaria says, become something that many in the lesbian community look down on.

At the same time, within gay male culture, being camp or in any way “feminine” is derided, whereas hyper masculinity is celebrated.

Kittens gambolling in the sunshine is evidence of misogyny to Our Jules I sometimes think.

Oh aye?

Japanese police on Saturday arrested Mark Karpeles, head of the collapsed MtGox Bitcoin exchange, over the disappearance of about $390 (£250 million) worth of the virtual currency, local media said.

The Japanese justice system is said to be pretty rigorous in its interrogation techniques. So we might actually find out what really happened.

At present I’m entirely undecided between insider fraud and gross incompetence.

All I’ve really managed to grasp about alt-coins is that every scam, fraud, mistake and unintelligibly stupid decision that anyone has ever made in a monetary or banking system has played out in that little world over the past few years. They’ve recapitaluated the accumulated human experience of millennia.