So this organisation failed at the first fence then

The EREP network – Economists for Rational Economic Policies (of which I am a member)

If you were interested in rational economic policies would you let Ritchie be a member?

15 comments on “So this organisation failed at the first fence then

  1. The way to identify a platitude is to negate it. Is anyone likely to set up a foundation for “Irrational Economic Policies”?

  2. Is this one of those self-selecting self-promoting organsations, like the British Striped Toothpaste Manufacturers Association?

  3. @ Richard Allan
    Murphy *has* done so – and makes a living by blogging about it. He just doesn’t call them “irrational”.

  4. Sighs …

    We highlight the glaring failure of mainstream economics to challenge the finance sector’s role – explained in part by the profession’s blind spot for the role of credit in the economy.

    Fundamental to our approach is the restoration of ethics in relation to money, credit and the rate of interest.

    Promote policies for a new global financial architecture and national and international monetary systems that are based on international justice, equity and stability.

    However, even they don’t consider Ritchie an expert.

  5. Nice one, BiCR.

    Reminds me that in ’77 I was serving in Cyprus (not UN) and the rumour was that one particularly nasty and incompetent RCT officer at the UN in Nicosia was given the title Controller United Nations Transport. Probably another apocryphal story but still amusing at the time.

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