What an astonishing result

The number of children living in poverty in the UK has jumped by 200,000 in a year, according to the latest official data.

There were 3.9 million children living in “relative poverty” in 2014-15, up from 3.7 million a year earlier, the figures from the Department for Work and Pensions show.

It was the first increase, when housing costs were included, since 2011-12. An individual is considered to be in relative poverty if their household income is less than 60% of median income.

Inequality falls in a recession. Inequality increases in the recovery from a recession. the UK is recovering from recession – such a shock, isn’t it?

Well, that makes it easy to spot the pig then, doesn’t it?

Sex and drugs off limits for undercover police


Covert officers can have sex or take drugs with suspects only when ‘necessary and proportionate’ under new guidelines

“Yes, sir, I’m afraid that is true. The leader of the terrorist cell was a fat munt with body odour issues and so I did not accept her offer of a hand job and a toke after which she would have confessed all because that would not have been proportionate. The 18 year old bird with the magnificent norks though, who was merely the next door neighbour two streets over, it was necessary to vigorously interrogate her physically twice a day for the whole 6 months of the undercover operation.”

You would also rather bet that only the first bit of this will stick in the minds of the idiots. Undercover officers cannot have sex with those they are monitoring. Thus more sex will be offered to those possibly undercover officers in order to test whether they are so. Net result more nookie.

What, actually, is going on in Labour?

I suppose I could go and read it all but seriously, life’s too short. What I’ve gathered is that despite losing the vote 170 odd to 40 odd, Jezza is staying. Stating that the vote has no “constitutional validity” or summat.

All of which reminds me terribly of the student Trots of my own day where the sub sub committee on rules making for the proposing of matters for consideration by the sub committee was where all the power was. Control the rule making agenda and you control the whole organisation – or at least those 50 people who took student politics seriously. And that sub sub committee was where all the Trots were of course.

And Tom Watson as Leader?

The past isn’t a proof of the future but it is indicative. What used to happen when the will of the majority was frustrated by some ruling from the sub sub committee on what motions could be tabled was that 90% fucked off round the pub and went and joined the racing club or the rugby team instead of doing student politics. Sure, the Trots ended up running the student union but no one gave a fuck quite frankly. Even they weren’t going to do something stupid like close the cheap bar.

Wonder is that past actually will be a guide to the future?

Ah, here’s the link

The Sage of Ely:

Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has settled his libel action over a website claim that his companies offered banking facilities which helped customers unlawfully to evade tax.

Lord Ashcroft, the chairman and majority shareholder in BB Holdings Limited, accepted a public apology and a substantial undisclosed donation to a charity he founded – Crimestoppers – from accountant Richard Murphy.

Lord Ashcroft’s counsel, Godwin Busuttil, told Mr Justice Eady at the High Court that in April this year Murphy published an article on his website entitled “Lord Ashcroft’s Belize Bank – a supplier of tax evasion services?”

It accused the claimants of knowingly and intentionally supplying or offering to supply banking facilities which enabled or assisted customers unlawfully to evade tax and which provided anonymity for those who had indulged in criminal activity and which enabled or assisted the laundering of dishonestly or criminally acquired funds by using the Bank’s corporate credit cards.

Busuttil said Murphy, of Downham Market, Norfolk, appeared to have based his allegations on his understanding of what he had read on a third party’s website, but that in fact that website said no such thing and its owners had subsequently confirmed that they were not making any such allegations nor were they even referring to the claimants.

An accusation of tax evasion based upon something he’d misunderstood.

Bertolt Brecht Competition!

From the comments:

After the Referendum of the 23rd June
The President of the European Parliament
Wrote a comment on Twitter
Stating that the British people
Had violated the Rules
And could redeem themselves only
By accepting that they could not decide their fate.
Would it not be easier in that case
For the Commission to eject the United Kingdom
And find some people who would do what they’re told?

apologies to B. Brecht.

Any other versions? And to be inclusive about it, any decent limericks, clerihews or other pastiches? There’s probably something that can be done with the Lear speech, I know not what etc, maybe the let slip the dogs of war?

How absolutley spiffing from Ritchie

I wrote an honest opinion that suggested that the policy options that I have long proposed on this blog will not see the light of day under the current Labour leadership, whose views they seem to have influenced. As a result I suggested that leadership should now stand aside to give someone else the chance to deliver on those promises. Knowing that this choice would ultimately rest with the Labour Party membership, who seem inclined overall to share some of the opinions that I promote, I thought that an appropriate and measured suggestion since no party leader has any hope of winning an election without the backing of their parliamentary party.

I am sorry to say that many seemed to not read a word I said on policy, and appeared to only note any personal comment.

Others never got beyond the headline and declared I am now a Blairite.

I had hoped for better. I had presumed reasoned argument might be of benefit, and that policy was more important than person if it had become apparent that a person could no longer deliver, whether that was fair or not (and politics is not fair). Clearly that was a mistake on my part.

The reason Corbyn must go is because he hasn’t delivered my Curajus State.

Maybe it’s really just that the peerage didn’t turn up? And yes, there’s good grapevine evidence that he was expecting it, even boasting of it.

Those ravening packs of transient landlords

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, one of the bill’s sponsors, disagrees, claiming that it targets “people or companies with multiple listings. There are so many units held by commercial operators, not individual tenants. They are bad actors who horde multiple units, driving up the cost of housing around them and across the city.”

Who knew Genghis was involved in New York real estate?

I suppose it makes some sort of sense actually but more would be made with “hoard”.

I do wish I could write like this

The snowflakes quickly began demanding that London – Ponce Central – be allowed to secede from the rest of this churlish isle, with just a unicorn-shuttle-service to keep them connected to Scotland. The prospect of getting shot of 99 per cent of man-buns and clean-eaters in one fell swoop was almost parasexually thrilling,

During the course of this splendid campaign, every Ponce in Christendom seems to have stuck his patrician nose about the parapet, sniffed the Great Unwashed and called on the waddling geese of Strasbourg to stand between them and us ruffians.

More more on that football

From the comments:

Will anyone join me in sending a petition to Parliament to insist on replaying last night’s match and refusing to accept any result where the winning team scores fewer than 4 goals and is not leading by at least 2 goals at the final whistle?

According to the BBC and the Guardian the Icelanders are beginning to regret winning and, had they known the full facts before the match, would have given England a 2-goal start.

More on that football

Iceland’s some 330,000 people. Bath and North East Somerset is some 180,000 people. We could regard them as being roughly equal in size.

Thus last night’s football is roughly the equivalent of the BANES team beating the national one.

No, that wouldn’t actually work, would not happen. Bath City FC is somewhere down in the Beazer Home Leagues Division 7 South West or something.

Bath RFC however used to be something different. There’s been a good decade of my lifetime when you’d have happily taken 50/50 odds on the BANES team being able to beat the national one. Actually, pretty much any national one.

News Just In! Men Like Tits!

Is this the depressing secret to success? Women wearing low-cut tops are almost TWENTY times more likely to land a job interview

The study was carried out by researchers at a French university in Paris

Found applicants boosted their applications with a low-cut photo

More ‘revealing’ outfits were 19 times more likely to lead to an interview

Amazing what science can tell us these days, isn’t it?

Although no, Theresa, no. It’s young dugs that interest.

Slightly odd question

Have we ever had a Leader of the Opposition who has put his ex-girlfriend in charge of the condoms as Shadow Health Minister?

Before that is.

Still, at least we know he’s appointed one person with experience of the job.

Would Mrs Dromey care to comment?

Two men who were involved with a notorious group that campaigned for the legalisation of sex between adults and children have been convicted of abusing young boys.

Douglas Slade, 74, and Christopher Skeaping, 72, who were members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), were caught after five victims, now middle-aged men, spoke out about how they were abused.

Slade, who fled from the UK in 1985, was extradited from the Philippines to face charges dating back as long as 50 years and was put on trial at Bristol crown court alongside Skeaping, a former racing driver.

Slade, who used to live in Knowle West, south Bristol, pleaded not guilty to 13 sexual assaults committed against five victims between 1965 and 1980 but was convicted of all offences after a two-week trial.

Skeaping, from Hounslow in west London, was convicted of one count of indecent assault relating to an incident involving Slade and a 15-year-old boy in 1980.

Their victims were troubled boys from broken families and were passed between “predatory” men with a sexual appetite for children. They enjoyed the affection and often did not realise they were being “corrupted and exploited by older men for their own selfish pleasure”, the court heard.

Rupert Lowe, prosecuting, said the men “shared an interest in sex with young boys and they each knew several other men who shared that same interest”. One victim remembered Slade boasting about being a founder member of PIE.

Lowe said: “They were both involved in an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange. It seems strange now that such an organisation can have existed without being shut down immediately but it did.”

Timmy has more fun elsewhere


UK exports to the EU are some £133 billion a year. Average WTO tariff rates, which is what we would be stuck at sans Single Market membership, are around 3%. We would thus save £4 billion. This is less than the £8 billion cost. This is not worth it.

Now relax our conditions a little. The £4 billion is being saved by EU consumers. Or, if you want to consider elasticities of demand and all that, anything up to £4 billion is saved by UK exporters. At a cost of £8 billion to UK taxpayers. This is still not worth it.