7 comments on “I’ve sat next to these two too

  1. Once, I was sandwiched between two such on a full flight, after which my dislike of lard buckets, land whales and hamplanets soared. Neither of them apologised for overflowing into my seat: their sense of entitlement was (literally) palpable. I also noticed that the sweat of the obese is particularly unpleasant, being trapped in their cascades of blubber until they move.

  2. For anyone that didn’t see the comment in full.

    When I’ve been on puddle-jumpers going from San José to the beach they weigh the passengers, because we’re flying in Twin Otters and if you have a pair of fucking immense sweaty Hawaiian shirt-wearing hamplanets from Dubuque you have to sit ’em either side of the aisle and over the wing, then tell ’em not to move. This isn’t quite such an issue on a 777.

    And if you did, so what, it was worth repeating.

  3. Theo
    Ditto. I will never wear a short sleaved shirt on a plane ever again. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

  4. Flew to Tahiti once from LAX with a large Tahitian lady to my left. I’m 5’10” and sitting down her shoulder was 4 inches higher than my head.

    Very nice flight. Perfect headrest.

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