10 comments on “Jeebus, cops especially should know he difference here

  1. “mistook with“? That’s an even more illiterate coinage than yer normal Seppo journalist is wont to use.

  2. Good point, K. In a couple of years he would probably shot for being in possession of a Class A doughnut.

  3. Should have had Spock there – the excellent quote from the episode: “Arena”, has Spock and McCoy observing Kirk’s fight with a big reptile from the bridge viewer on the Enterprise:

    Mr. Spock: “Notice the substance encrusting that rock?”
    Dr. McCoy: “Yes?”
    Mr. Spock: “Unless I’m mistaken, it’s potassium nitrate.”
    Dr. McCoy: “So?”
    Mr. Spock: “Perhaps nothing, Doctor. Perhaps everything.”

  4. You missed the famous line which followed, sadly cut from the broadcast:

    Dr. McCoy: “Cunt”

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