6 comments on “Hoo, boy, wouldn’t this be fun?

  1. Used to be Shirley Temple. Could work. I am sure Ms Temple did a fine job.

    And at least she speaks Czech.

  2. I mean, it’s no worse than parachuting your wife into a safe Senate seat now, is it?

    Oh, but that’s *different*. Cos Democrats.

  3. Ivanka, sweetie, dearest, the Czech Republic post has to go to someone else. But I’ve got you a nice gig in Senegal!

  4. re: Agammamon

    Ivanka is Trump’s daughter who has her own life and business. Ivana is Trump’s ex-wife #1 who is from Czech republic.

  5. Apparently we have to have a female President sooner or later (it’s in the Constitution, or so I’m told). If that’s the case then I quite like the cut of Ivanka’s jib.

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