Can have that effect on me too

His second cousin was Ann Romney, whose husband, Mitt, was the Republican nominee in 2012. When the US TV show 60 Minutes came to the valleys to examine the roots of the Romney family, they visited Llangynoed Church, where several of Ann Romney’s antecedents are buried, and found that Evans had laid on a full Welsh choir whose singing left Ann in tears.

Not the good sort of tears though. Welsh choirs, too loud, too often and flat.

10 comments on “Can have that effect on me too

  1. Your pendantometer is on the blink. “Antecedent” is a perfectly cromulent parsing of “ancestor”.

  2. Staged for the TV show likely as the Romneys visited a small chapel to see graves of relatives, I have some relatives there as well

  3. Should be spelled Llangynwydd if they are referring to a local church, though that is the other end of the valley, there used to be 2 very good pubs either side of it

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