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  1. Somehow I don’t think The Donald is going to jump on this. But that’s OK, keeping a bunch of high profile economists in a prolonged circle jerk has very real benefits for both the economy and society at large.

  2. Dennis the Peasant,

    I think there is a slim chance President Trump would jump on this. It short circuits all the social engineering, subsidy industry and assorted watermelon sustainability bollocks in one fell swoop. Especially if done at the same time as tax cuts elsewhere.

  3. Given that its the sort of thing that will wind up the usual suspects there’s a possibility he’ll do it for the devilment, especially if he can kill some of their favourite policies and subsidies at the same time.

  4. I wonder which pie Mankiw, Feldstein et al. have their fingers in for them to propose this idiotic idea. It’s the only logical assumption. Pace our esteemed host, a tax on energy production is not something these people would do unless there was the prospect of a good deal of beak-wetting. Lefties would do it because they’re evil human-hating cunts, but the enviropublicans can only be doing it because they’re evil, corrupt cunts.

  5. A large part of the establishment have been trying to monetise the AGW hysteria for years and Carbon Tax and trading carbon credits have been essential to the plan. Hopefully President Trump sticks to his principles, but I worry somewhat that the Goldman Sachs alumni who have inevitably insinuated themselves into his advisory cabinet will have another go at advancing the cause….

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