7 comments on “So Wales isn’t doing so well at the rugby, Google’s St David’s Day Doodle is a wooden spoon

  1. It could also be a love spoon: one of my friends at college (yes, he was Welsh) made one for his girlfriend.

  2. Yes Tim, Rupert is right, it’s a love spoon – traditionally whittled by Welshmen for their sheep

  3. Yes, it’s a love spoon but the wooden spoon comparison is still funny, even speaking as a Welshman.

  4. A nice touch from Google with the LOVE spoon . Google probably does not know or care about rugby .

  5. Arf arf ..very good; all three of my boys play rugby and I coach here and there in the compoany of one or two Welshies .This will be mentioned, although I think the perfidious Ities will be spooning again this year

  6. Since 2000 when Italy was invited into the tournament to be the permanent whipping boys, the wooden spoon has been won four times by Scotland and once each by Wales and France. I’m sure Italy would be keen to see Georgia admitted to a Seven Nations.

    In its entire history, Italy has beaten Wales twice (plus one draw), France thrice, Ireland four times and Scotland a whopping eight times.

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