No, not totally quite

Norwegian for the act of having a beer (pils) outside (ute). An outside beer. Seriously.

There’s a stronger association than that. It’s that first beer of the year that is had outside. Literally of course the translation is correct, but there’s that usage which allies with spring is sprung, de grass is riz, I wonder where de boidies is.

Perhaps in English, signifying the move from the snug to the beer garden time of year.

5 comments on “No, not totally quite

  1. I was in Norway all this week, bored as fuck.

    I get back, and now people are talking about it?

  2. I was in Norway a couple of weeks ago. Far too taters for utepils, especially in Tromsø!

  3. Is there a word for the final beer that can be drunk outside before winter and the polar bears arrive?

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