But it’s art Dianne

“Disgusting. Unacceptable,” Diane Abbott, the home affairs spokesman for the opposition Labour Party, wrote on Twitter after the sign was first reported.

“Despicable, nasty behavior that has absolutely no place in our community,” tweeted another Labour lawmaker from a nearby London area, David Lammy.

It’s a celebration of Britain’s rich diversity:

A French freelance photographer apologized Wednesday for any offense caused by a mock road sign he placed in a Jewish neighborhood of London.

The red triangular warning sign, featuring a silhouetted image of a man in Orthodox Jewish clothing and hat, was seen near a synagogue in Stamford Hill.

Photographer Franck Allais told Reuters that it had not been meant as an anti-Semitic slur, but instead was part of a wider art project. Allais said he had put up about 20 others featuring several characters, such as an elderly woman with a shopping bag.

“It’s all about the characters in London who make London so rich and nice,” said Allais, whose work has appeared in British newspapers and magazines, including Newsweek.

17 comments on “But it’s art Dianne

  1. If the sign had been circular with a diagonal bar, there just might have been something to be mildly concerned about. But a warning triangle?

  2. I guess in Diane’s world, the sign that depicts 2 young people, one rather larger than the other, hand-in-hand is showing sexual grooming occurring.

  3. The Met now tracking Banksy through complex algos showing spray paint purchases no doubt.

  4. Does your spelling of the – er – large person Dianne, mean that she has two bottoms?

    Makes sense really!

  5. “If the sign had been circular with a diagonal bar”: they seem to have given up that range of signs. Pity; their meaning was immediately, intuitively obvious.

  6. The background to our road signs is a throwback to a better age, the majority of today’s signs having been designed back in the 1960s by just two people (sat in a shed, probably) Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert.

    It was Calvert who insisted it was the girl leading her younger brother across the road in the ‘school’ sign, supposedly basing the image on a picture of her younger self.

    If they were updated today, it would require a whole department, a couple of design agencies and a budget of hundreds of millions which would be over-shot.

  7. I am reminded of Rincewind. Wizards do magic because they have the talent, or not, and because it is so much more fun than sex.

    Presumably for members of our “woke” community like Ms Abbott, outrage plays the same role. Although perhaps not so voluntarily in her case. Outrage courses through their body and out their finger tips in a blaze of fury that is a substitute for sex. I mean, can you imagine being to totally and permanently turned on to anger if it wasn’t so much fun otherwise? How could they maintain it?

    I would even go so far as to assert that conservatives are those people who do not need a substitute for sex. Because they are getting some. Hence, of course, university campuses.

  8. Andrew C – “If they were updated today, it would require a whole department, a couple of design agencies and a budget of hundreds of millions which would be over-shot.”

    I invite you to consider the process of drafting the mission statement to the project to draw the map of the London Underground.

    As opposed to what really happened which was probably a bloke, in a pub, back of napkin.

  9. Smfs the trouble with the Tube map is that it gives the casual traveller no clues about poverty, racial intolerance and lack of gender-neutral support at each station

  10. To be fair, several pieces of this ‘art’ are incredibly offensive – even if we accept the artist’s protestations that it’s accidental (which are somewhat believable when you see more of the series). It’s genuinely astonishing anyone was that blind to the offensive nature of the signs in isolation.

    Abbott weighing in is considerably more offensive, though. It would be even if she was merely using the incident to shove herself into the limelight, rather than also being incredibly hypocritical.

  11. ‘“Disgusting. Unacceptable,” Diane Abbott, the home affairs spokesman for the opposition Labour Party’

    At first, it seems ridiculous that the national government would concern itself with a sign. But then I see she is not the national government, rather trolling in hopes of becoming the national government. Which would appeal to all those who want their national government to involve itself in minutia.

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