This is rather the point of pop music, yes

Let’s put it down frank. Rock had more passion to (kids in the ’50s) because (they) were in school. I was in school when the big bands (were popular), so it had passion to me.”

One comment on “This is rather the point of pop music, yes

  1. The pop music when I was at school was rank. So I let the trad jazz men lead me back to Noo Awlins. Armstrong, Johnny Dodds and Bechet: nice! Then Bix, Jelly, Muggsy, Fats, the Dook, Big T, …..

    Chris Barber introduced me to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. I also had a weak spot for Muddy Waters. My school pals took the piss by referring to him as Rusty Pipes.

    Then the Beatles came along and improved things enormously. For a little while. Since then it’s been entirely jazz and classical for me. I can’t listen to popshite or rockrap; dismal rubbish.

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