11 comments on “Finally, people being punished for being too polite

  1. There was a time when the Germans used this term to describe the courage and tenacity of the Scottish Infantry, notably The Cameronians among the bravest of the brave. At that time many tended to be on the short side. Typically, those troops took the term to be a compliment and were proud to use it. The Tory MP is making a bad mistake, in fact indirectly he is paying her a compliment ranking Nicola with the best troops we have ever had.

  2. Wasn’t PD what Churchill called Goebbels

    and Terry Wogan called Charlene Tilton ?B

  3. GERMANS called Goebbels Poison Pygmy or Poison Dwarf. Since they actually spoke German, might be translated either way. I have heard both from English speakers.

  4. I first heard the phrase in the mid-sixties, being applied by German police to those small, dark, angry and determined Glaswegian football fans who followed Celtic to Lisbon and the Cup.

  5. She’s far worse than Alberich in Das Rheingold, and Tyrion in GoT is far superior to her. Vile woman.

  6. Heh. More appropriate than ‘Wee Jimmy Kranky’, but shouldn’t that be ‘poisonous dwarf’?

    ‘The Poisonous Dwarf and Her Demented Porridge Wogs’ – great name for a rock band.

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