12 comments on “Anyone want to work with Spudda?

  1. No.

    Hmm, let me think about that for a moment.

    Oh, I didn’t have to after all…

  2. And I doubt very much whether he works with anyone, ever.

    Very much a subjugated for, I should think. Probably involves shouting “Huzzah” every three minutes.

  3. Wasn’t,t this the one with the Professor Troll who fed false stories to the media and destroyed a Nobel Laureate?

  4. What’s the real job entail?

    If I’m playing Gallagher and Ritchie is the watermelon I’ll do it for free.

  5. LY.. Just dreaming up a scene where Snippa is dressed in a latex bra for his moobs and latex split-crotch panties. He is given an enema of donkey piss and, afterwards, is man – handled to completion by an Aboriginal who is simultaneously blowing a didgeridoo.

    Any interest?

  6. I’ll pass.

    There’s a good chance PETA will show up and I love my pets too much to ever risk getting on those people’s radar.

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