14 comments on “Might be a bit of a disappointment

  1. You don’t get black organ donors in South Africa, the whole body gets slung in the ancestral graves; so once more the whies provide.

  2. Does that mean there’s a white bloke with a black penis out there somewhere? Something that until now only existed in the dreams of 99% of the world’s women?

  3. …the man who received the world’s third successful penis transplant is black – but his penis is white.

    And significantly smaller.

  4. It is a big mistake for him to get it tattooed. He ought to boast about it. Discretely of course.

    I imagine quite a few young ladies would be intrigued.

  5. “Medical tattoo artist Rosemarie Andlauer of Miraculous Creations in Massachusetts said making a light skin color darker isn’t uncommon.

    But she said a significant amount of time would be needed to fully tattoo the penis.

    Andlauer added: ‘Even if the client was comfortable having it done in one session, because of the area I wouldn’t feel safe having the entire penis healing at once.

    ‘I would not tattoo all the way around. I would do lengthwise, probably one-third at a time.”

    Aw cummon! What’s wrong with chequered? Corkscrew stripes?
    No imagination,some people.

  6. Mildly on topic, a Florida man has been charged because his girlfriend died. He claims that she choked to death on his manhood during oral sex. The body was too badly decomposed for the medical examiner to tell.

    He has just been acquitted. Florida – what a state!

    Anyway, this novel and innovative defence may not be open to our South African friend. Should, of course, the need arise.

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