7 comments on “From the Annals of Government Failure

  1. I seem to remember reading somewhere about a State that prosecuted somebody for dealing illegal drugs *and* trading without a license. The appeal courts struck it down as the State didn’t have an illegal drugs trading license scheme.

  2. A friend of mine is heading out to Portland, OR, for a week. His wife wants to visit wineries. He wants to visit the 200 pot shops he says are in Portland.

  3. BTW, I posted yesterday that government is the problem. Regulation means government is still in it . . . still a problem.

  4. Just wait for the stories when PA’s medical distributors are allowed to open. There are a total of 27 for the entire state. These are supplied by 12 growers and/or processors. The only way we won’t run out faster is if the government prevents doctors from writing prescriptions.



  5. Should be legal by this time next ear in Canada, I imagine they are going to make a mess of it with individual provinces or even municipalities having different regulations for licensed vendors

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