No, really, just no

Wet springs hamper battle to save capercaillie from fate of the dodo

The dodo became, as we know, extinct. There is no risk of this for the capercaillie. what could happen is that there are no capercaillies in Scotland. As has happened before and then they were reintroduced. Because, you know, there are other populations out there.

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  1. Quite Julia. If that’s its attitude to a large predator, one can see why it might be going extinct. Do they eat well?

  2. Marvellous! Someone has worked out a correlation between Owen Jones wetting his bed and bird populations.

  3. BiS,

    To be fair that level of pointless agression is fairly typical for a breeding male in a species that doesn’t pair off but effectively gives the alpha male most of the mates. It doesn’t matter if the cocks get killed off in large numbers if a few survive to breed, so the cocks haven’t really evolved to evade threats, but rather to take them head on (allowing the hens to hide).

    Always thought the risk to the capercaille population was either bad folk music or the disturbance of their leks (breeding areas) as they have a very limited breeding window. Wikipedia agrees with me about that for what it is worth…

  4. “Someone has worked out a correlation between Owen Jones wetting his bed and bird populations.”

    You made me smile, porcelain bovine.


    Thank you for that video! x

  5. Didn’t the Dodo go extinct because of humans shooting it? Fuck all to do with climate.

    Perhaps it was smoking. Smoking fags killed the Dodo. LET THAT BE A WARNING.

  6. @Rob

    “Didn’t the Dodo go extinct because of humans shooting eating it?”


    Yes. Also, they had no predators so no fear. Then humans arrived.

  7. I like eating pigeon but a whole bird is a mere morsel: you can understand sailors’ enthusiasm for flightless chicken sized dodos. What does a capercaillie taste like?

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