4 comments on “How lucky we all are

  1. I really don’t understand Stanford’s thinking. It’s not as though Boy George is any kind of academic, so they must be hiring him for the kudos associated with his ‘name’. But I doubt there are many potential Stanford students or donors who could name more than one former UK PM, never mind ex-Chancellors.

  2. Osborne is a smart cookie. He was spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, borrowing more money that added to out debt, and convinced everybody it was austerity. He thought why fill the state coffers just so that a one-eyed Scotsman can come and blow it all.

  3. I saw in the papers in the shop this morning some headline saying that Hammond has had a tax windfall and now has loads of extra tax money to spend. No mention made of the fact that he’s still running a large deficit every year.

  4. “They’re keeping him busy well away from anywhere he could be damaging us all”

    The Evening Standard editorship is pretty damaging.

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