People of no religion nor ethnicity!

Twenty-one masked men have been seen throwing molotov cocktails at a synagogue in central Gothenburg.
‘We are in place with a number of units,’ said Peter Nordengard, police chief of the West Western region, told the Expressen newspaper.

Nothing about who was doing this.


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  1. ‘We are in place with a number of units,’ said Peter Nordengard, police chief of the West Western region, told the Expressen newspaper.‘

    Just watching? Or arresting the bastards?

  2. It is such a wonderful, enriching experience having so many violent, anti-Semitic bigots in western countries.

  3. Darren – I’m pretty sure the Gothenburg synagogue-goers are somewhere between 99-100% in favour of mass, Third World immigration to Sweden, so it only seems fair that they should personally welcome their new, Molotovy guests and get to enjoy the enriching diversity they’re so keen to inflict on Swedes.


  4. I remember a notice outside a shop, asking for help in tracing someone who had nicked some goods. He was described as wearing jeans and a T-shirt. You’d think they might have noticed rather more than that…..

  5. The omerta isn’t working any more. Simply omitting the identity of wrong doers now results in everyone deducing their identity. As in every comment.

  6. To be fair, if the molatov throwers were masked, no one could discern their religion or ethnicity. And don’t we all chant in Arabic when we’re aroused? Nothing reason whatsoever to make unsupported assumptions.

  7. And TimW. The insinuation that the reporter might be of the vibrant worldwide Welsh diaspora. One might hope better of you. Druidaphobia!

  8. If it turns out to be members of the vibrant community, then that only adds strength to the argument for an open door policy for immigration because reasons and cultural enrichment.

  9. Johnathon–Pointless when Swedes can still log on the Net.

    Their problem is that two-thirds of them are leftist conditioned cucks.

    We need to boost our military and take the country off them. I’m sure we could cut a deal with the third of decent Swedes left for a share in the proceeds in return for our help with a big deport

  10. ‘Molotov cocktails’

    Hmmm . . . sounds Russian to me.

    Surely the Left will now expel the RoP for cultural appropriation.

  11. “Pointless when Swedes can still log on the Net.”

    Yes, but how much longer ’til Sweden, and the rest of the EU, institutes a Chinese-style government controlled internet?

  12. I think we should open our doors to right of centre blonde females fleeing Muslim sexual persecution. I’m sure the call to house refugees in people’s homes would be more successful.

  13. Ecks: “We need to boost our military and take the country off them. I’m sure we could cut a deal with the third of decent Swedes left for a share in the proceeds in return for our help with a big deport”

    What makes you think the majority of British people are any different to the majority of Swedes?

  14. The Mail article wasn’t as bad as I expected from Tim’s intro. It does offer some background that gives readers a pretty good indication as to the types likely to be responsible.

  15. +many for DocBud

    Unless someone comes up with something very special indeed, then I think DocBud has won the internet today.

  16. “Chinese-style government controlled internet”

    Talking of Chinese Internet operations, I find it rather droll that there is a substantial shareholder (£40m+) in Tencent Holdings Ltd, which is a Chinese internet service provider which is “tax suspiciously” registered in the Cayman Islands.

    Rather droll because the investor is the BBC pension fund. And yet no Panorama reporter has gone chasing after BBC Pension Fund Trustees bellowing suggestive innuendos at them about tax dodging investments.*

    (*yes, I know, it isn’t a tax dodging investment but that’s not the point; the point is……CAYMAN ISLANDS!)

  17. “According to local media some chanted: ‘We have announced the intifada from Malmo. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews.'”
    Which school history books tell us is exactly what the Vikings screamed as they marauded ashore at Lindisfarne. Or at least they tell us just as soon as Jeremy gets elected.

  18. Reminds me of this post:

    A regional court in Germany has decided that a brutal attempt to set fire to a local synagogue in 2014 was an act meant to express criticism against Israel’s conduct in its ongoing conflict with Hamas.

    A German regional court in the city of Wuppertal affirmed a lower court decision last Friday stating that a violent attempt to burn the city’s Bergische Synagogue by three men in 2014 was a justified expression of criticism of Israel’s policies.

  19. Way past bedtime here in Queensland so I shall lay my head on my pillow with a warm inner glow. Thank you all for your kind words.

  20. @Tim Newman:

    “…meant to express criticism …”

    A new paradigm in criticism:

    Bad Meal? Torch the place!

    Uncomfortable B&B? Burn it down!

    Didn’t like the film? Fire up the cinema!

  21. Alas, this story doesn’t make it onto the BBC site. They are able to report on a Swedish boxer in a coma though, so I guess their Scandinavian bureau were too swamped to report on this.

  22. They also arrested three people but still don’t know whether they were right wing, left wing or muslims…

  23. I saw a few minutes of a documentary on the fall of the Soviet Union last night (on CNN).

    The coup that ousted Gorbachev was “right-wing”. I hadn’t been aware of that.

  24. @Chris Miller, December 10, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Prefaced “Long read” – Says a lot about Sky News audience…

  25. @Tim Worstall

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 10, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Eh? Why?

    No profanities used.

  26. @Tim Worstall – second attempt as, well, see above

    Nothing about who was doing this.

    Plenty here about who was rioting (again) – those who culturally enrich EU countries: RoPs

    No names – SE bias by ommission (Lexbase ban), but clues aplenty



    Where Tim is:

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