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  1. “the UK did well from 2011 to 2016 precisely because it did so badly between 2008 and 2010”

    No comment on the parties in Government then Ritchie?

    As for his blog stats:
    “with the growth in unique reads being a particularly pleasing trend”
    That’ll be everyone using Tor to post piss-take messages.

  2. I’ve found that while Spud can block Internet IP addresses, he seems to have has no way of spotting 4G.

    I don’t even know what that means but I do know that if I come off t’internet at home and go ‘4G’ then my aliases all get through.

  3. Andrew C

    When you go 4G, you are hiding behind the Carrier Grade NAT of the mobile phone company, ie you have no fixed IP address. Your IP simply comes up as O2, or whatever, and it will most likely regularly change (and especially if you change location / move around). Lots of others mobile users will have the same IP address as you.

    But it also suggests that you have a static IP address at home, if your home IP address has been blocked, rather than a dynamic IP adress, which can change whenever your router gets rebooted?

    I’m actually surprised Murf is being that sophisticated – checking IP addresses…

  4. @PF

    Ah, thanks. I kinda thought it might be something like that but I wouldn’t have known the details.

  5. You could proxy it through some free service and see if that evades the tuberous comment sentries.

  6. “As for his blog stats:
    “with the growth in unique reads being a particularly pleasing trend””

    Unique reads, because once is enough!

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