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  1. F**k me, some bast@rd at CIF has stolen my first comment!

    While women of colour and trans women are included, strikingly not one of those featured is disabled.

    Can anyone spot the logical flaw in that statement?

    Rihanna’s campaign ad for her Fenty Beauty cosmetic last year was rightly praised for its diversity, but no one featured had a disability.

    In fairness Rihanna’s choice of boyfriends seem to indicate a strong desire to acquire a disability.

    It feels as if, when it comes to the casting call of women, we are being airbrushed out; scrubbed off the picture as not quite right.

    Well, I didn’t want to say anything but ….

    When this exclusion happens often, it eventually finds a place inside of you: a shameful message that you’re not quite like other women.

    Sweetheart, the clue is written on the tin.

  2. Half a billion disabled women? That means a little more than 1 in 8 women is disabled which suggests a rather broad definition of disabled.

  3. Stunningly, it is not just minorities that Vogue does not feature, but the pie and cake eating munters who form the vast and increasing majority of the female segment of our population

  4. Most women who buy magazines devoted to aspirational glamour and fashion don’t want to look at pictures of disabled people, because…er…disabilities aren’t glamorous and fashionable. Meanwhile, other types of magazine and media often portray disabled people positively. In the past month, I’ve seen articles about disabled surfers and horseriders, for example. So I find it hard to see that Ms Ryan is whining about.

  5. Aborted in utero if the people in Vogue have anything to do with it.

    I am struggling to understand why a world in which Frances Ryan had never existed would be such a bad thing….for us and for her.

  6. Another excellent example of how you can never satisfy the left. No matter what you do there is always one more minority you need to include…

  7. Also look at the transgender one on celebrity big brother berating an 82 year old woman for mistakenly using the wrong gender reference, wife made me watch it and my first comment was ‘she’s’ such a dick that cutting off makes no difference

  8. This “Trans” word makes matters confusing.

    Ladyboys is a better term for women who have cocks or used to have one

    Not sure of what to call blokes who never had a cock but want one know or have just bought one.

  9. Hmm, Rickie’s post had me thinking about a name. As happens, other ideas came alive:

    Is a female to male able to keep her clitoris etc and have a penis?

    Is male to female able to do opposite?

  10. I’ve been badgering Men’s Health to do a cover shoot of my gut for years now but they’re having none of it, the bastards. Surely the Graun will slip me a couple of hundred quid to moan about it?

  11. Pcar
    I’m sure our resident TG bore, NiV, could enlighten you. Alternatively, there are a number of relevant videos online, though they are not for the faint hearted. Enjoy.

  12. Best comment on the trans thing I read was from a gay man who lamented;

    “I can’t understand why such beautiful boys want to become such ugly women”

  13. The daily terrors of the Upper Middle-class Left. No one in the real world takes this utter lunatic nonsense seriously.

  14. “Not sure of what to call blokes who never had a cock but want one know or have just bought one.”


    “I’m sure our resident TG bore, NiV, could enlighten you.”

    If you didn’t secretly love talking about it, you wouldn’t keep bringing the subject up! 🙂

  15. If you didn’t secretly love talking about it, you wouldn’t keep bringing the subject up!


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