11 comments on “D’ye think Ritchie realises he’s channelling Friedman?

  1. Wortstall: “D’ye think Ritchie realises he’s channelling Friedman?”

    Murphy: “I’m pleased that the world has come round to my view: it’s taken them a while to do so.”

  2. No, because Murphy is so ignorant of economics that he has no conception that other people have thought of his ideas before (and, often, having thought of them, rejected them for good reasons).

    To him, like a child in fairyland, everything is new and exciting.

  3. I expect that once someone makes the Tuber aware of who Friedman is, he’ll claim Friedman stole his ideas.

  4. Is it just a misconception of mine or is Snippa thudding out the blog posts faster than ever? How long can the barrel of his brain withstand the scraping?

  5. Diogenes said:
    “How long can the barrel of his brain withstand the scraping?”

    I thought Murphy’s thoughts came out of a different barrel.

  6. In answer to your question Tim: no he doesn’t. He seriously believes monetarism is only about not expanding the money supply.

    I’d like to say something witty about that, but it’s just plain pitiful.

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