Blimey, didn’t see this result coming

Hollywood star Jim Carrey is CLEARED in wrongful death lawsuit launched by Irish family of his ex girlfriend after his lawyer proved she was trying to BLACKMAIL him with forged STD test results

The claim – claim, I think? – being that the tests showing she didn’t have the clap before she met him being fake.

10 comments on “Blimey, didn’t see this result coming

  1. Blimey I didn’t either. Not what I usually think of when the words “Irish lass” are mentioned.

    It must be a real kick in the guts to pursue a legal case only for it to turn out that your daughter was a callous cheap blackmailing whore. With a range of STDs.

    But then maybe they knew that already.

    Carrey must have seemed such a good mark – vulnerable and yet not credible.

  2. Remember how Mel Gibson got stitched up by some Russian (iirc) tart?

    I think the lesson here is, stick with the mother of your children.

  3. don’t have sex with people with mental health issues

    Yeah, but I still want to shag women.

  4. I think the lesson here is, stick with the mother of your children.

    But – What’s the % of children who do not have their “father’s” DNA?

  5. BraveFart – probably a lot lower than it used to be before cheap DNA tests and the financial incentives of single motherhood. I think bastardy is a huge social problem, but cuckoldry far less so.

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