The correct answer is bugger off you idiots

Britain will have to pay money to Brussels’s coffers to pay for single market access for the financial services, according to reports.

London’s booming City contributes billions of pounds to the EU economy but some in Brussels have threatened to limit its access to the single market.

EU diplomats are said to be plotting a ‘pay per access’ model for the UK’s financial services sector.

Under the plans, the sector would be allowed access to the EU’s single market but only if the British taxpayer continues to pay into the EU budget.

Who benefits from the provision of financial services? The people provided with financial services.

So, the demand is that the UK should pay into the EU budget so that EU citizenry can benefit from UK financial services.


They can also bugger off on this:

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the EU is drawing up plans to slap the UK with sanctions if Britain takes a drastically different path on the economy after Brexit.

Brussels is scared that if the UK liberalises its economy and slashes taxes to bring in new investment it might be left unable to compete.

So under the plans, revealed in the Financial Times today, the bloc is plotting to bring in ‘non-regression clauses,’ sanctions, ‘tax black lists’ and penalties against state-subsidised companies in a future trade deal with Britain.

That the EU follows one socio-economic model is just fine. But rather the point of not being in the EU is the freedom not to follow that socio-economic model.

My own preference would be that they do try to impose such sanctions and restrictions. We then go full Hayek on them. A few decades later we’ll be able to tot up who won then, won’t we?

19 comments on “The correct answer is bugger off you idiots

  1. Their malice and evil is clear to see.

    As for sanctions–full Hong Kong is the answer. Massive tax cuts and the most business-friendly environment in the world. And that would include whatever it takes to keep ZaNu and their allies down until rising prosperity finishes them for good.
    But since BluLabour scum is what we have…

    The FFC must go.

  2. Tim stops playing around and just prints out Daily Hate Mail stories ; so much for the alternative media !

  3. Brussels is scared that if the UK liberalises its economy and slashes taxes

    the bloc is plotting to bring in ‘non-regression clauses,’ sanctions, ‘tax black lists’ and penalties against state-subsidised companies

    Why the penalties against state-subsidised companies if Britain is going to liberalise its economy?

    Wouldn’t state-subsidised sanctions cripple France if applied to them?

  4. Also, funny how they aren’t threatening to apply those sanctions against the USA or other countries, for example.

  5. And people claimed there was no deal worse than no-deal.

    They want a tribute system like Imperial China.

    Problem is there are enough quislings in the UK cheering them on.

  6. So, EU bureaucrats are threatening to make financial services more expensive for the people who pay their wages, unless they can guarantee they will be able to take a handsome cut? Hmmm, it’s lucky they don’t need to persuade voters, really.

    Or more simply, if the EU didn’t exist, financial services (and most other products) would be cheaper.

    Have I understood this correctly?

  7. It does occur that Brussels is almost as effective at trolling their opponents as Trump is his opponents (vide Scott Adams).

    Replace “The EU” with “Trump” in much of the commentary above and see what I mean.

  8. But the really interesting implication of this is that the EU really does consider the UK a special case (as pointed out by Rob). So if we can have special sanctions tailor-made for the UK, why shouldn’t we have a special, tailor-made trade deal to go with them?

  9. EU, EU, EU,
    Out, out, out!

    No deal, just leave. And while we’re at it bring home any troops we have lounging about sur le Continong.

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