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  1. And Labour won by a gigantic majority in 1997, so unlikely they went for a coalition cabinet in 1998.

    Written by 18 year old ignorant student trots?

  2. I think I get it. The law should prohibit work that springs from anyone’s private idea of “getting ahead” – or even “getting” anything,

    No, work should be only for people to maintain a subsistence- level life.

    “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.”

    But . . . hasn’t that already been tried?

  3. “all income should be taxed the same”

    A flat tax? Bring it on!

    To be fair, I have some sympathy for the idea of charging National Insurance on pensions. But only until I reach pensionable age.

  4. “our tax system used to tax all income equally”: pah! Schedule A was scrapped in 1963. And of course the existence of different income tax bands itself makes a mockery of the statement, at least in its ripped-out-of-context form. Then again, PEPs, TESSAs, pensions, etc, etc.

  5. I know someone who owns so many Premium Bonds that he gets a roughly steady monthly income in small prizes. All untaxed, of course, as they have been since 1956.

  6. “Must be a tiny income”: a tickle over 1% p.a. so quite OK in the present interest rate environment.

  7. You didn’t have to be rich to get your income from dividends. Not if you had a ltd company of whatever size, or shares in one.

  8. Lefties ignorance of dates and numbers is endemic.

    BBC Question Time 25 Jan 2018

    Green MSP shrieked: “You signed for a PFI hospital in Edinburgh.

    Lord Forsyth: “See what I mean?”


    The replacement hospital had been built on a mostly green field site in the south-east of the city, with the contract signed in August 1998.

    The secret is out: “Michael Forsyth was Health Secretary in Blair’s Labour Gov’t” says Green MSP :facepalm

  9. “Did the Scotch people want to build the hospital?”

    Don’t know, but more relevant is most Edinburgh people did not – replace city centre hospital with one in the middle of nowhere.

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