Yes it was, and?

Half a century ago, Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation took BBC viewers on a tour de force of Western culture, setting a standard for arts broadcasting and educating a generation along the way.

This year, the 21st century version of the landmark show is to turn a critical eye to the history of British civilisation, questioning whether it is built on “looting and plunder” and who, really, are the barbarians.

Anyone want to try and name a non-autarchic civilisation that wasn’t built upon plunder?

18 comments on “Yes it was, and?

  1. It’s a good job we plundered as much as we did. It might be in a museum but that’s better than it being smashed to bits by bearded, uppity locals

  2. A better statement of 50 years of CM agitprop could not be imagined.

    Shut the BBC down in 24 hours flat.

  3. Until we exported genuine civilization to the rest of the world, looting plunder and best of all, rape, were the order of the day, everyhwere.

    And since we stopped, in most places it has become so again.

    Somebody tell these SJW cunts to just fuck off.

  4. So the usual fashionable self-loathing. And teaching the next generation of British-born Muslims to hate the rest of us.

    This sort of thing should be treated as treason.

  5. If you’re going to bring the Glorious Revolution™ , you have to pull down the existing order first, comrade.

  6. Why don’t they draw up a league table for rape, massacre and pillage? The British Empire is second division compared to the expertise of the Mongols and the various Islamic teams: Arab, Moghal, Ottoman, Barbary.

  7. We didn’t conquer a quarter of the world by being nice. Nor by being stupid.
    We stopped the slave trade when it was no longer profitable. Then spent a fortune on stopping it for everyone.
    We were ruthless against enemies and ruled whole countries with a handful of colonial officers.
    Very strange, the British Empire. Outsourced to private enterprise too, the East India company.
    Most odd.

  8. I love it when the BBC pay an African man, a Jewish man and a leftist Woman to tell white men that Western Civilisation is uniquely bad.
    Will they fund my series on how the Islamic Ottomans murdered and raped their way into Asia Minor and North Africa exterminating hundreds of thousands and destroying a great civilisation in the process?

    p.s I quite like Mary Beard as an Historian.

  9. Jonathan – “I love it when the BBC pay an African man, a Jewish man and a leftist Woman to tell white men that Western Civilisation is uniquely bad.”

    Simon Schama was born in 1945. His mother’s family came from Lithuania. His father’s from Romania. Two countries that are well known for not looting anyone in recent times. Perhaps he could explain why they were not happy there?

    Britain gave him a top notch free education – at a private school and then Cambridge.

    Yeah, those refugees really worked out well for us didn’t they?

  10. Sounds like a pile of shite designed to undermine the Kenneth Clarke’s Civilisation with slimy political nonsense and self hatred. Only a buffoon or an enemy of the West could look at this press and think otherwise.

    I will watch the original then skip my TV as a mark of respect.

  11. “whether it is built on “looting and plunder” and who, really, are the barbarians.”

    Piss off, it is what you do with the loot and plunder, if you build something it is hardly barbaric.

  12. Outsourced to private enterprise too, the East India company.

    …and the Hudson’s Bay Company – which in some form at least, survives.
    To paraphrase Basil Fawlty, don’t mention the South Seas Company….

  13. Most of British civilisation is built on *preventing* looting and plunder. One might mention lighthouses …
    The Royal Navy was created by Alfred to provide *some* protection against shipborne Viking raiders. The churches in almost every village were built in stone because the villagers could flee thereto and it could not be burnt, when Barbary pirates (yes, Africans seizing English people to sell as slaves) or Vikings attacked.
    Getting on for half the British Empire was acquired as a means of defence against Napoleon.
    Anyone who is not a indigenous Greek from south of Macedonia is, by definition, a barbarian, as Mary Beard does know – one may hope that she will explain to the BBC that “evil” and “barbarian” are not synonyms, but while one may also hope that the BBC will understand, one should not expect it.

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