There’s a solution to this

Westminster city council’s deputy leader has emerged as a contender for the title of the most schmoozed politician in Britain, receiving entertainment, meals and gifts more than 500 times in the last three years.

From tickets to the hottest West End shows to exclusive dinners in London’s finest restaurants and trips to the south of France, the official declarations reveal an extraordinary lifestyle that included one day in Mallorca, when Robert Davis managed two lunches, the first at the home of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the second at the home of the Earl of Chichester.

Davis, the Conservative deputy leader of the central London borough and until last year the chairman of its powerful planning committee, was entertained by and received gifts from property industry figures at least 150 times since the start of 2015 – a rate of almost once a week.

If such a politician didn’t have so much economic power then rather fewer people would attempt to suck up to him. So, reduce the power of the politicians.

6 comments on “There’s a solution to this

  1. A variant on this is to distribute the power, rather than simply reduce it. For example instead of having a single person in charge, you could have a board of fifteen. It worked so well for KCTMO.

  2. ‘If such a politician didn’t have so much economic power then rather fewer people would attempt to suck up to him.’

    Exactly. Lobbying isn’t the problem; lobbying is a natural response to excessive government power.

  3. This is a part of the result of moving from committee government in local councils to cabinet government, putting power in fewer hands, often a single pair of hands.

  4. “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.” – P. J. O’Rourke

  5. It’s no more than envy. I recall when our procurement team started to lay down rules about what freebies could be accepted etc. Jealousy if workers get the procurement team’s prerogatives. I think Roland was very much a procurement guy

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