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  1. “The rest of us are over here of course: The Continental Telegraph.”
    But, as presumably you’re trying to widen your readership over there, calling the cunts who would rule us the cunts they are won’t be appreciated. So please. Please. Just a few posts so we can let off some steam

  2. Frequenting the new website is a bit like going from having a pint or two standing at the bar with your mates setting the world to rights swearily, to having earnest and polite discussions with them over boutique gins in an upmarket hipster bar.

    I’ll no doubt get used to it.

  3. Well done DBCR – for missing the point yet again! You need to drink even more than you do normally, then the world might start to make sense

  4. BF: I’ll no doubt get used to it.

    Well perhaps. But I don’t understand the title. What’s “Continental” about it apart from Timmy’s peregrinations and why “Telegraph” than which few things nowadays are less immediate?

    That aside, the idea of it being more polished as BiS and BF remark, goes no further than removing the obvious rudery as witness the piece on Spud which starts with its collar and tie on but ends up with sleeves rolled up. It’s not an elegant piece of writing but a rough and ready duffing up which suited this blog well.

    I don’t get the point. It’s like putting up an expensive spanking new headquarters building really as somebody once said over on Continental Telegraph.

  5. Tim, I hope you’re going to keep this page as an outlet for your more irreverent ventings. The CT is a commercial venture. It depends on advertising and advertisers. Someone might not like it if you write, say, a piece on price-gouging at flood-time. It has happened before, that your backers have abandoned you.

  6. TMB

    I don’t get the point. It’s like putting up an expensive spanking new headquarters building really as somebody once said over on Continental Telegraph.


    Not from my reading? I think Tim is calculating that the flashy new building might genuinely pay something for his efforts? We all at least have to try?

    How to ruff the muff

    Early days?

  7. That price gouging piece, that’s exactly why the new place. Made me $2,000 before the editors pulled the plug. I’m now the editor…..

  8. Money. That’s what it’s about. New design, address, a place for me to write commercially. Take ads, advertorial and so on. An opportunity to make a living, if I can get traffic up high enough. The true test will be in a couple of weeks, traffic levels then.

  9. Advertorial will be very clearly marked as such. Different typeface, different size, and “advertorial”. Like those inserts in the papers themselves in fact…..

  10. @Dio,
    It is you who has misunderstood TW’s piece on John McDonnell: it appears to be TW’s intention to reach out beyond the boorish barflies who stink the place out on this blog ( if the cap fits, wear it!) in an attempt to separate LVT’s merits from the failures that accrue if you do ,as J McD proposes: introduce LVT as an additional tax not a replacement.Henry George called it the Single Tax for good reason (but you don’t know this, so its not worth talking to you on this subject which you have the witless arrogance to lecture others about.)
    The “point” ,as you call it, is that TW is moving up market and the football hooligan element, now overrunning the place, will be made to feel unwelcome.About time too.

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