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  1. Tim, you’re the writer’s equivalent of priapic today. Probably time to “rub one out” so to speak

  2. Recycling plastics is a waste of money and resources

    Yep, I’ve been telling eveyone that for many years.

    Too many are brainwashed by Politicians, NGOs & activists that all waste is bad and must be reused/prevented even if it costs more as it’s “good”.

    Tim Worstall is a Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute and can also be found at Continental Telegraph

    Did you have to pay for that ad-link?

  3. ‘All we need to do instead is manage that waste stream.’

    Or not. Just throw it in the bin with the rest of the household rubbish.

    To wit, your equation leaves out the forced labor of the public, separating out the plastic for the alleged recycling.

  4. I’m the guy who has banged on about that issue for more than a decade now. But this piece was only 600 words….

  5. No, although it might be of more value than the invoice I’ll be sending them for the piece in due course.

  6. “To wit, your equation leaves out the forced labor of the public, separating out the plastic for the alleged recycling.”

    And as Tim mentions in one of his books, the slight cost of the energy and for those on water for those metered to wash and rinse stuff for recycling also has a massive cost when taken nationally.

  7. It is a waste of resources, but so is cleaning a teenager’s bedroom.
    At least recycling solves the problem of where to put the stuff.

  8. Make vans our of plastic that would solvei the problme. In Llandudno we need more plastic.

  9. I am slowly persuading the family to put small plastics and plastic wrapping in the regular rubbish.

    We have a high-tec barely polluting incinerator generating ‘leccie for the city. Better there, than God only knows where.

  10. Recycling reduces the external cost of polluting the ocean. So it has a value that offsets the cost in low-wage economies.
    Sadly recycling is the fashion in high-wage economies and most of plastic waste polluting thev ocean comes from rivers in China which doesn’t care.

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