So, who’s got good Google Fu?

Just back from the ancestral acres in Ireland. And one of the stories we heard was that Patrick Kielty, from the same village (Dundrum in Co. Down) did a show on an abandoned house/shop in the village.

Apparently this is on YouTube. I can’t find it – can anyone else?

The interest being that the place was, in its time, the shop of great grandfather in Dundrum. The show and abandonment are long after his time, but would be interesting to see the piece if anyone can find it.

Just as an aside would point out that Journalistic Investigation Method No. 1 still works. Wait until starting one’s second pint then ask the barman. Lo! Within 10 minutes we had the location of the g-gfather’s shop and garage down pat, along with a quick guided walk up and down the street.

It did help that the pub, the Dundrum Inn, was a whole 20 yards from either and both.

8 comments on “So, who’s got good Google Fu?

  1. In my experience the Irish do not understand you unless you say “feck” about every second word.

  2. @BraveFart

    Dundrum is in Northern Ireland.

    Co Down is area on East Coast that goes from Belfast Lough down to border with RoI

    I’m from Bangor, Co Down

  3. Yer man is on the box tonight so maybe that’s the answer to the original question

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