The point about the Cajun Trinity is….

….that it has four parts to it.

The main course on Tuesday night will be a rack of spring lamb and Carolina gold rice jambalaya, “cooked in a New Orleans tradition and scented with the trinity of Cajun cooking – celery, peppers and onions, and spiced with herbs from the south lawn”, the White House announced.

Celery, peppers, onions and garlic.


14 comments on “The point about the Cajun Trinity is….

  1. The purpose of an Oxford comma is to remove ambiguity, there is no ambiguity in that list.

    Celery cannot be part of a Holy Trinity, only the devil could have come up with such a hideous item of food.

  2. If you add garlic to the Trinity, you end up with burnt garlic. The point is that the Trinity is unitary.

  3. Anyone eating the mess it will have worse–or “badder” should I say in keeping with declining journalistic standards–breath than a 60 years old leftist.

  4. “spiced with herbs from the south lawn”: the only ‘erb that grows in our south lawn is Bishopweed. The Romans reckoned it edible, the daft buggers.

  5. BraveFart:

    They’re depending on where you live, you might call ’em
    crawfish or crayfish but they’re all still crayfish. (The former is merely a particular choice of pronunciation of the word.)

  6. “The celebrated gastronomy of New Orleans.” There are many fine restaurants in the French Quarter (lots of fine drinking establishments too). Excellent food and a fun place to party (not sure about Washington). The Cajuns are much like the Irish. Although great company, you have to sign up to the trouble that inevitably accompanies them – comes as part of the package.

  7. Disagree with TW here. Trinity is just mirepoix with bell peppers in place of carrots. And there’s three things in a mirepoix. Anything that involves a mirepoix is going to have garlic in it.

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