Sunday lunch

Nowt grand, but a nice bit of lamb. The dog got the bone, obviously. I then excavated the teeth of the little bits of meat let over. To find the dog whining at me as she thought I must be eating something – the toothpicky thing – that was much nicer than her bone.

She’s a very sweet dog but….

8 comments on “Sunday lunch

  1. Very useful things, dogs. We seem to have temporarily acquired one, last few days. Now, pretty well anything left over goes down the dog, Unfortunately, including a sizeable portion of a shoe. So if anyone knows a monopede into 6 inch stilettos …er… stiletto. Left. There’s a bargain opportunity going. Maybe one of NiV’s mates?

  2. Not speaking from experience here, you understand, but hopping in a stilleto probably only works as a circus routine.

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