10 comments on “Literary determinism

  1. From the look of her, I’m kinda surprised that he hadn’t long ago died of fright and horror when turning over at night and seeing that ..face..looming in the darkness…

  2. Read that out to Mrs BiND and after she’d laughed she commented that murdering your husband’s easy, getting away with it is the problem. Yikes! what has she been thinking about these past 35 years?

  3. “Textbook, stuff again, you see. The criminals’ vanity always makes them make one tiny, but fatal, mistake. Theirs was to have their entire conspiracy printed and published in plain manuscript.”

  4. I wonder what evil brutish beatings and mental cruelty her husband inflicted upon her for decades without anyone noticing and there never being any evidence of it or her telling anyone about it before she finally cracked and had no choice because she felt her life was at risk and her only possible option because she was backed into a corner was to defend herself by shooting the brute.

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