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2019 risks
The collapse of effective government in the UK
The risk of unrest given almost any outcome
The possibility of economic turmoil, created by choice, which is unprecedented
The absence of effective political leadership
The risk of the U.K. breaking up into two and maybe three parts
The choice not to govern in the USA and indifference to the rule of law
The act of looking to extremes for solutions
German drift
French floundering
Elections and growing extremes
Hungary and the fall of democracy
Italy and the rise of the right

Etc, etc, cont pg 94.

Every one of his risks leading to 2019 being horrid is political really. And yet this is the man who insist that more of life must be run by the political.

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  1. Is Brexit a “Risk” – I thought that it was a certainty?
    The risk of unrest if the law is obeyed … – sounds like a threat!
    Hungary and the *rise* of democracy (as distinct from “Democracy” in the sense of “People’s Democratic Republic”)

  2. “The absence of effective political leadership”
    Since there’s been an absence of effective political in the UK since at least the 90s, 2019 = more of the same. We should worry?

    Of course the country could get some effective political leadership in 2019. But can’t see Spud enjoying that experience overly. Effective leadership doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

  3. The collapse of effective government in the UK

    So Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May are what ‘effective government’ looks like in Britain. That explains a lot.

    The absence of effective political leadership

    How would anyone be able to tell? Seriously?

    The risk of the U.K. breaking up into two and maybe three parts

    Scratch a Lefty, find an Imperialist.

    German drift

    I’m old enough to remember when Germans yearning for the erasing of borders and massive migration across Europe were considered Bad Things. Somehow I suspect most of Eastern Europe and Russian still does.

    Elections and growing extremes

    Fair and free elections have always been problematic for Our Ritchie.

    The choice not to govern in the USA and indifference to the rule of law

    Two separate ideas that don’t go together. Interesting that Ritchie thinks Trump has chosen not to govern. Makes much of the hysteria over his presidency rather pointless, doesn’t it?

  4. per oxford dictionary populism – A political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.
    ‘the question is whether he will tone down his fiery populism now that he has joined the political establishment’
    ‘the Finance Minister performed a commendable balancing act, combining populism with prudence’

    That would never do – ordinary peoples concerns being listened to. Anyway i thought it was globally warming plastic bags that was the number 1 catastrophe that was going to kill us all not so long ago, according to the potato. Obviously that’s not so worrying as Hungarians voting to stay Hungarian – the bastards.

  5. Major risk not mentioned: economics lecturers being paid according to how much in fees they earn for their employers. One student doth not a summer make.

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