7 comments on “What, by resigning?

  1. They are all crooks. Pelosi has 100 million dollars that no one knows the origin of save her. Never mind investigating Trump. He should have investigators up the Party of Slavery’s arsehole every damned day.

  2. Don’t be ridiculous, Tim. Any accusation that doesn’t include “. . . and Republican” is going nowhere.

  3. Maxine Waters is USA’s Diane Abbot – insane, useless, racist and re-elected time after time purely because she’s black and left

    Talking of useless – Traitor May

    Today’s Project Fear: Millions of voters will lose their jobs if MPs vote against her Surrender Agreement

    Hmm, either she’s going to order employers to sack x% of their workforce – unlikely
    She’s going to fire millions of public sector “workers” – bring it on

    IDS in DM A return to project fear? They can’t be that stupid

  4. Having just skimmed the article, it is quite hard not to conclude it is merely a retyped press release.

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