The difficulty with Brexit is twofold. This is not a micro issue. It is a macro one. And if there was a chance to move on that still might not matter, but what that chance is, and who might supply it in a world that is finite and the possibilities are decidedly limited, and when none are readily apparent or on offer, is hard to tell. I could leave jobs and a marriage without knowing what was next, confident options were available. Brexit has no such expectation attached to it. Instead it feels like, as Cardiff City football manager Neil Warnock said at the weekend, a chance to say ‘to hell with the rest of the world’ without once considering the consequences. Or the responsibilities we have.

So my sense of resignation is inappropriate and I want to chastise myself for it and yet I still cannot. After all, I must have some responsibility for this.

Was I, and others like me, irresponsible for turning my back on party politics as a much younger man in pursuit of career and single issue campaigning?

Was I also, again as a conscious act, irresponsible to stand by and see neoliberalism tear our society to pieces and tut tut but not actually do more to prevent it at the time?

And could it be that the fact that we have such dire politicians, when the generation of which I am a part is overall able, through our collective fault for failing to value government, politics and the processes that drive it enough?

Am I actually, therefore, resigned to my own failure and accepting that I have a part in the collective act of harm that is, inevitably, befalling the country?

Britain should have bendy bananas again because Richard Murphy?

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  1. The hubris is strong is this one.

    Nothing he has done or hasn’t done has had eff all to do with where we are today.

    But if he would like to kill someone on his way out that would be really helpful, Nick Boles perhaps.

  2. I could leave […] a marriage without knowing what was next, confident options were available….


    …and I want to chastise myself …

    Niche, decidedly niche.

  3. “Was I, and others like me, irresponsible for turning my back on party politics as a much younger man”

    I don’t think I have ever come across a greater narcissist, nor a more laughable one.

  4. Oh, I dunno – hubris seems inappropriate somehow. Too small, too insignificant. The word that adequately describes this doesn’t exist, I suspect.

  5. I often wonder if I, and others like me, were irresponsible for not banging the living daylights out of Cindy Crawford when she was in her mid twenties.

  6. Our own Walter Mitty, living in the unimpressive end terrace in Ely, posting blogs about how he might have saved us from ourselves, and playing with model trains.

    Welcome to 2019.

  7. From comments posted on his blog it’s clear that any dissenting voices are routinely blocked or have given up even trying to post.

    It’s a masturbatory echo chamber on there.

    Murphy ‘turned his back’ on politics because he’s an unlikeable cunt who can’t get on with anyone who isn’t a sycophantic moron.

  8. Of course the fact that he has been in receipt of monies from the EU is a) never mentioned and b) has nothing to do with his staunch remainiac views. Oh no – it’s all from principle (the principle being – show me the money) He’s growing more delusional and pathetic. When he’s signing on as unemployed expect lots of self pity.

  9. ” I could leave jobs and a marriage without knowing what was next, confident options were available.”
    Not just hubris, also oath-breaking “till death us to do part” [I am not trying to cast aspersions on those whose partner has betrayed them or walked out, but Murphy is saying that he just walked away from his oath]

  10. Looks like a panic attack over the loss of his EU funded job. Will be interested to see who he looks to for funding now.

  11. If Aunt Agatha had demanded that Bertie Wooster rewrite Hamlet, I think that Ritchie’s post would come close to the end product.

    “There’s something rotten in the city of Ely!”

  12. Looks like a panic attack over the loss of his EU funded job. Will be interested to see who he looks to for funding now.

    I hear there’s an opening for a municipal drainpipe inspector in Manchester.

  13. Is it true that he ‘left his marriage’ or did his marriage leave him?

    Given that everyone in Ely is still talking about the day an overwrought, overweight woman sprinted out of his home screaming at the top of her lungs and headed off to London without bothering with a car, you can probably work it out.

  14. And that was just the cleaning lady.

    Far worse was to follow….

    (You can make up the rest yourselves. It is just as likely true as anything Fatrolls Murphy would have you believe).

  15. oath-breaking “till death us to do part”

    Does he still claim to be a Quaker? Quakers don’t make oaths.

  16. ‘If only I had used my stupendous talents differently, I could have saved the world from neo-liberalism….Now demonstrate your sycophancy with praise of my stupendous achievements, like country-by-country reporting…’

  17. “I could leave … a marriage … confident options were available”

    So which poor unfortunate women (“options”) has he got his piggy eye on now?

    Or is he talking about his first marriage, having already lined up Mrs Murphy II?

  18. ‘The difficulty with Brexit is twofold.’

    This is intrigue. There is no difficulty. You just leave.

    ‘You just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don’t need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don’t need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free’

  19. @ I’ll get my coat
    He “knew he had options” when he left his first marriage, which had “until death do us part” to marry a Quaker. His first marriage was not, apparently, to a Quaker

  20. @ Chris Miller
    That is his version which IMHO reflects badly on him. Are you suggesting that Murphy has chosen to paint himself in a worse light than the truth?

  21. It has long been my view that the Liberal left are yet to fully confront their culpability for this disaster. For years a class of person has fought for Palestinians to have a country but denied that the English had any special right to England. They have been disagreed with but in such a way as to hurt us all and our children.
    EU migration would have been manageable had Rest of World migration been controlled and had the English not been consistently and endlessly told they did not count.

    That said the closet racists fruitcakes and charlatans who lied to those in most need of hope occupy a much hotterv seat in hell

  22. The problem with Brexit is getting it through Parliament. The Roundheads have become knobheads. RM esq’s problem is nobody cares what he thinks.

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