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  1. I don’t think it’s at all inaccurate to say that Megan McArdle is liberal, even though she’s certainly to the right of the average Washington Post opinion writer.

  2. McArdle is the Howard Schlutz of journalism. She leans left, but as JerryC suggests, not hard left. For the readers of Fox News, she qualifies as liberal.

  3. On a Liberal Media theme, I was tipped off to watch the repeat of yesterday’s This Week, where Andrew Neil destroys Ken Livingston on Venezula.

    Ken: America destroyed Venuzuela with sanctions!
    Andrew: There have been no trade sanctions until last week.
    Ken: No, Amercan imposed sanctions!
    Andrew: List them
    Ken: I don’t know, I’m a pensioner! I’m telling you what the ambassador told me.

    Car crash TV at its best. It’s on BBC CatchUp for people who can use it, it will probably escape to YouTube soon.

  4. My advise:

    Avoid anyone named Megan, Megyn, Mygan, Megin, May etc

    They are always more trouble & cost than their worth

  5. Longrider –

    Kind of like the idea that Labour Party MPs have actually done a day’s honest labor?

  6. Neil (the best interviewer on British TV) did the same to James Delingpole last week. At least he had the good grace to reply: “I don’t have an answer to that”, when asked: “If we reduced all our tariffs to zero, why would any country offer us a trade deal?”

  7. “If we reduced all our tariffs to zero, why would any country offer us a trade deal?”

    Shame he doesn’t seem to grasp that trade is carried out between people, not countries.

    If we reduced our tariffs to zero, why would we need “trade deals”?

  8. an american ear hears this as

    (that liberal paper the Washington Post)’s columnist cautions Dems: Embracing ‘Medicare for All’ may aid Trump

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