11 comments on “Mind. Blown.

  1. The polipigs caused the inflation so why should it be adjusted?

    Piss on the thieving bastards.

  2. Always remember that most of them claimed that they hadn’t done anything wrong. It was the rules, you see. The rules. You can’t blame someone who claims things within the rules. Maybe the rules need changing. But that’s another issue.

    Remember that when some cuntish MP has a go at some company using the rules to reduce their tax bill.

  3. I’ve signed but i very much doubt the mainstream media will publish that one in conversations about the leave petition!

  4. @bloke in cornwall

    Waste of time, they’ve already had the response from the Government (fuck off peasants) and the pointless Westminster Hall debate (fuck off and mind your own business you impertinent peasants).

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