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  1. So, if Joe Bloggs, working for Jack Robinson wants a pay rise, Jack cannot give him one, only Theresa May can do so. I thought that system ended in 332 BC when Alexander conquered Egypt.

  2. “Action on climate change” is a good one – states can co-operate to prevent an ice age.

    Murphy’s Law of Numerology, as some may remember, has it that the higher the last number in the list of arguments adduced, the more deranged his entire proposition.

  3. “Security” – what is that? Secure borders? Armed forces? No one breaking into your house? Job and income for life? Savings? What?

  4. ‘(jobs, a pay rise, security, action on climate change, affordable health care) can only be supplied by the state.’

    And the state would then be so expensive, no one would have any money. Doesn’t matter if health care is affordable – you don’t have any money anyway.

    You can pay for your health care. Or the government can pay for your health care. Government will make different decisions on you health care than you would. Government is inefficient.

    You pay for government. So, through government, you pay more and don’t get what you want. Wonderful!

    Security comes from the state? How’s that working out for you? The state is allowing an invasion, and mollycoddling the invaders.

    ‘action on climate change . . . can only be supplied by the state.’

    Cos only the state is stupid enough to believe in it. Only the state can deal with a fake problem that the state fabricated.

    Mr Murphy is telling us how utterly incompetent government is.

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