Nominative determinism in human sexuality

Chasten Buttigieg Is Winning the 2020 Spouse Primary
The first same-sex husband of a major-party presidential candidate is a historic figure, but he’s also a surprisingly traditional one.

Mr. Bottigig is gay.

No reason not to let the sniggering schoolboy within out occasionally.

The only problem with the determinism bit being that presumably Pops Bottgigger, who passed on the name, wasn’t gay. Or, at least, hetero often enough to pass it on.

14 comments on “Nominative determinism in human sexuality

  1. Apparently it is pronounced ‘Buddha’gig. Pops probably was aware of how it sounded and tired of being the butt of people’s jokes.

  2. “Real Buddha that tea after the war”

    Not many people know those lines are actually from “Last Tango in Paris”.

  3. ‘The first same-sex husband of a major-party presidential candidate is a historic figure’

    Nah. Historic ??? Nobody cares. No one would know if we weren’t told by teary eyed journalists.

    5 years from now, even Google may not be able to find him.

  4. They always forget that we Brits got there first; the Earl of Clarendon opened the Colonial Assembly (New York?) in drag. It’s taken the Yankees 300 years of independence to get back to the open attitudes we were showing in the early 18th century.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous and weird.

    I mean, “Chasten”? What happened to proper manly gay names, such as Freddie, George, or William Hague?

  6. What about my fine senator, Lindsey Graham?

    “Too light in the loafers” since 2002.

    I bet nobody cried harder when John McCain died.

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