15 comments on “Shouldn’t it be for reading the damn thing?

  1. Theo,
    Given the high rents in London, social tenants (i.e. those with subsidised rents) are the only ones who can afford to have children.

  2. True. These days to have more than one child a couple has to be poor or rich. The middle class now have to conform to a one child per family policy.

    Children are now luxury items.

  3. ‘… because of separate allegations that were brought forward after he spoke to the Guardian.‘

    So not because he spoke to the Guardian.

  4. Shouldn’t it be for reading the damn thing?

    In this case wouldn’t that be considered additional punishment?

  5. “In the same email, Reames and his wife Taslima were told: “Please can you also ensure that your conduct over social media in regards to Legacy House matters is deemed as appropriate.””

    This is a free speech issue. If he’s defamed Legacy House, they have recourse to the law, as anyone does. If they just don’t like the fact he’s slagging them off – tough!

    “Rabina Khan, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Tower Hamlets, said: “Who do Southern Housing think they are? The thought police?””

    Everyone knows that’s the job of the ACTUAL police now!

  6. “Rabina Khan, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Tower Hamlets, said: “Who do Southern Housing think they are? The thought police?””

    I can only imagine Ms Khan is upset that Southern Housing is treading in the ‘Liberal’ Democrats turf there.

  7. They don’t say *which* floor the flat is on.

    If it were high up enough for this to be anything more than a non-story, they would have mentioned it.

  8. Pcar,

    Presumably the social tenants are on floors G/1, while the posh folk on 2/3/4 get the nice views and relative quiet. The absence of lift access to the 1st floor is really a non-issue.

    As for whining tenants, bear in mind it’s the Guardian’s interpretation. The conversation with the journalist probably went something like this:

    “So, how’s your new flat?”
    “Pretty sweet! Nice neighbourhood, new building, good landlord.”
    “Nothing to complain about?”
    “Well, my wife sometimes struggles with the stairs, having to carry the shopping and a small baby. There is a lift in the building but it doesn’t stop on the first floor. We manage though.”
    “That’s a scandal!”

    If you lived on the first floor, and the landlord said you could have lift access for an extra £20/month, would it even be worth paying for?

  9. They’re only doing it for your own good…a wonerful, caring socialist approach, so STFU or get your head licked in.

  10. Lifts are expensive to maintain. The aim with socialist housing is to make it cheap. Ergo no lifts.

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