Tiger at Augusta

Yesterday’s man is today’s Masters champion. Impossibly, ridiculously, Tiger Woods is back on top in golf again, with his fused back, his pile of lost years and his talent somehow back from the dead.

I guess we could say he’s back….

12 comments on “Tiger at Augusta

  1. Wandering around and knocking a ball into a hole is a hardly confined to the young by reason of its extreme athleticism. Having less time left to waste should be what dissuades older and wiser folk from wasting their time on the farce of golf but in Woods case the money will be the deciding factor. What else?

  2. Steve–Woods couldn’t even rise up to the challenge of being clubbed by his obnoxious wife.

  3. Is there a time limit on golf? You win by potting the holes, not by speed, so he can go around the course at his own speed comfortable to the aches of his body. Some people like dashing across the fells, some people like a leisurely stroll and stop every now and then to catch their breath, they both get to the top of the hill.

  4. Super Jack won at 46, so he’s still bigger/better than Tiger.

    “the farce of golf but in Woods case the money will be the deciding factor. What else?”

    Back to your cage, Ecks!

    Mr. Woods has more money than God.

    And you can kiss my farce.

  5. Tiger won and proved Donald Trump correct, who predicted a major win for Tiger was in the offing in a recent tweet.

  6. Golfcock–set fire to your farce instead. To describe golf as a dull waste of time overpraises it.

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