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  1. Her new book:

    Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself


  2. Polly Toynbee Trump understands nothing about trade or immigration or economics, and is just hoping we won’t notice.


  3. For someone who’s a multi-billionaire & elected president of the wealthiest nation on the planet – were we all blessed with his ignorance.
    And Amanda Marcotte is…?

  4. And Amanda Marcotte is…?

    A girl who is angry her pvssy has not been grabbed, and she’s not washed her hair in astringent yellow shampoo?

  5. What a bizarre, teenaged spittle fest that article is.

    “To be fair, the temperature of his Diet Cokes matters more to Trump than the fate of the nation.”
    Doesn’t even work as a joke.

    And it turns out the basic (NYT) premise is disputed by the Washington Post. So blundering moron Trump somehow has the leading left falling out with each other.

    No Britons involved though, so doubt DtP would have mentioned it unprompted.

  6. “Diet coke”: golly, he is an oaf. Persons of taste and discrimination rate Diet Pepsi higher.

  7. “Salon can’t be long for this world”

    I’m sure their campaign to normalise paedophilia will be picked up by other leftist rags though.

  8. Notice the BBC political editor saying there’s no hope in hell of Brexit happening on 31st October, agreeing with the only candidate that is saying that who funnily enough has promised to answer all journalists questions so is playing to their puffed up view of themselves.

  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48599559

    ‘He did, though, repeat his assertion that none of the candidates aside from him were being straight about the possibilities for Brexit.
    He’ll say, as many times as he can and with a fair amount of evidence to back him up, that the odds of the UK leaving on Halloween aren’t that high. (Nothing of course is impossible, and plenty of the candidates say they will do everything to make that happen.)’

  10. Happy were the days of my innocence when I supposed AMANDA MARCOTTE to be a flavour of ice cream.

  11. Hey, Amanda, how you gonna feel when Trump is re-elected?

    You, and all your Lefty friends, trying to destroy democracy will fail. And it’s going to make you feel so bad. Like your head exploding.

  12. “…his Diet Cokes matters more to Trump than the fate of the nation.”

    So destroying the nation through third-world immigration, the Democrats favoured policy, is supposed to be good for America?

  13. The most amazing thing about Trump is that he has, almost without trying, turned people like Marcotte into ardent cheerleaders for free trade.

  14. Trump Derangement Syndrome blinds folk to the fact that Trump’s nonsense on trade is just a follow on from US trade policy since the 1816 Dallas Tariffs. Obama had his thing about Chinese tyres, Bush Chinese steel: both received little attention then or since, despite both causing great harm to the US economy.

    And that great bastion of free trade, the EU makes Trump’s policy look amateurish.

    But… curiously, it has worked on Mexico, it is frightening the sauerkraut out of the Germans and the Chinese.

    Not saying Trump’s policy is right, just saying…

  15. @John B

    Indeed. On Mexico, threats by Trump to impose sanctions unless Mexico did something about migrants to the US were met by howls of outrage from the lefty media and interpreted as yet another sign of the impending end of the world. They were met by Mexico by a promise to do something about migrants.

  16. No Britons involved though, so doubt DtP would have mentioned it unprompted.

    You got that right, Spanky.

  17. Perhaps the most fun I had with my own blog (back in the day) was creating the weekly “This Week’s Amanda Sentence” for posting every Friday. At the time she was blogging at a site called Pandagon. She was just as batshit crazy as she is today, but had no editors. Every week I’d gather up between a half dozen and a dozen sentences (each usually running between 70 and 120 words) and then mock them.

    She claimed to have a degree (with honors) in English, but grammar and syntax were entirely unknown to her. Actually, she hadn’t even mastered proper punctuation. Then add the stupidity, anger and projection that is her stock and trade, and well, what you had was comedy gold.

    Those were the days.

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