10 comments on “Is this like yellow snow?

  1. They might actually get a game in the World Cup today. Not tomorrow though – Nottingham forecast to be under water.

  2. Don’t you eat that yellow snow.

    You can, if necessary, rub it in the eyes of an attacker though. Doing so will leave the attacker wailing, “I can’t see… Oh woe is me! I can’t see!”

  3. Yellow rain warning for large parts of Britain as deluge set to continue…

    Yet another reason to forego a visit.

  4. You need bears in order to have yellow snow.

    Not if you hike in winter you don’t.

  5. @TD

    Dogs and men are quite capable; we don’t need or want bears in UK

    btw it’s been yellowring here all day

  6. Ridley Scott made a movie called Black Rain with Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia. It was only when I moved to Hong Kong where we have yellow rain (happening right now) red rain and black rain warnings that I realised the meaning of the title.

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