11 comments on “Pecunia non olet old chap

  1. Next step in the decline of the West.

    Between Niall Ferguson and Dougie Murray they pretty much set it out.

    Woke is just the next victory for the evil among us propitiated by the useful idiots

  2. “He has promised to return the money”

    To whom? Epstein is dead (as far as we’ve been told; I reckon he’s living out his days on Branson’s private island.)

  3. Until fairly recently most people had never heard of the man. At least money that went into science wasn’t being spent on absurd overindulgence or procuring underage girls.
    I find it difficult to get even shrugging-shoulders-level outraged about this, but others have more than enough outrage to spare.

  4. Leading American scientists have apologised for taking money from Jeffrey Epstein, as the academic community became engulfed in the scandal.

    I’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. And I don’t.

  5. If academia is apologising for accepting Epstein’ s money, and considering returning it to his estate, then shouldn’t NASA and the Soviet space agency apologise for using the brains and data of Von Braun and all the other scientific members of the NAZI party, especially as a lot of their experiments and tests were carried out on, or by, slave labour? I would suggest that quite a lot of people who have benefited mankind, have also carried out acts which would not be acceptable today. Even Jess Conrad has made up for “This Pullover”.

  6. “Scientists need funding for important work and many forms of it are underfunded.”

    Penn, Harvard and MIT are broke, eh?

  7. Unless they took the money to test the theory “Knobbing little girls is actually a harmless pastime and they like it anyway”, Then I really fail to see the issue. Or, perhaps it’s like the flap over Saville and guilt by association. With the shysters now getting involved, we can expect bimbos crawling out of the woodwork until all the money’s gone.

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